Today and every day new Zombie Art comes your way here on Zombie Daily! This is the place where more original hand drawn and painted images of the Living Dead are posted than anywhere else! It is my pleasure to bring to you, the Zombie Fans out there, as many new and crazy Zombie images as I possibly can.

Another new “Head of the Living Dead” image graces the Daily post today. What was once just a little experiment to see how many different Zombie heads I could create from one single skull template, has turned into the biggest, longest running series I’ve ever done, even surpassing the ridiculous goal I had made up of 365 images! Right now, the Heads of the Living Dead series is pushing over 400 images and I’m still creating new ones! I actually thought that after my 400th image, I would do less of them, but it seems to be such a part of my weekly routine, I always fit some in no matter how busy I get! I just love experimenting with them, and I hope that you like them too!

Thaks for stopping in today Zombie Nation! I hope to see you all back very soon for much more Zombie Mayhem!