More Zombie Art! More Zombie Pinups! New and exiting Undead Illustrations are added every day right here on Zombie Daily! And they are all original images too, nothing culled from other sources, or still images from movies or TV shows. All of the Zombie Art that you see posted here on a daily basis is hand drawn personally by me. Rob Sacchetto just for YOU, the Zombie Fans! Today’s zombie image is yet another of the ever growing horde of Zombie Firing Range Targets that will be out very soon. I will get you all details on how to get yours, when everything is ready to go. Keep in mind that ALL of the target images that I have posted so far have been cropped areas of the larger whole and that there is much more image over and above what I’ve revealed here.

I hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s Zombie Post. I look forward to seeing you all back here for more Undead Mayhem soon!