‘More Zombie Art and Pinups than you can shake a severed torso at! Welcome again to Zombie Daily, where a new Zombie Drawing is posted every day! So I’m interrupting the normally scheduled “Heads of the Living Dead” drawing today with a recently finished illustration derived from one of the many great photographs taken at the 2012 Olympics. The photos I’m referring to are the ones which depict several athletes in their moment of acute strain or effort creating facial expressions of an almost comical nature. I saw a couple of these on line and thought that they’d make for some great Zombie drawings, and I decided to have some fun with them. There are a few more to come, and I must say that they are definitely a blast to do! Where else are you going to get facial expressions like this? I think that they really do make for some interesting zombie drawings, and I hope that you do too.

Thanks for stopping in today Zombie Nation, Hope to see you all again soon.