Greetings once again from the number one New Original Zombie Art Posting Machine on the internet, Zombie Daily. I’m your host, Rob Sacchetto, and I’ll be keeping you one and all, high on new Zombie Images every day from here on in. I haven’t missed a day of posting a new hand drawn piece of Zombie Art in almost two years and have posted many many images even before that. In fact, there are almost 1,500 Zombie Drawings and paintings all done by me, currently residing on this site! Over 365 of them are like today’s image from my huge “Heads of the Living Dead” series. At first I thought that I’d try to come up with a few different Zombie Heads based on a simple skull templateĀ  had drawn to use for an underlay reference…The next thing I knew, I was into the twenties, forties, seventies and on and on into the hundreds…! I then set myself a goal, to hopefully reach one full years’ worth of these Zombie Images, a full 365. Those of you who frequent this site, already know that that goal has long since passed and I’m now on my way to 400! Who knows when I will stop this series. I’ve always thought that Zombies are like snowflakes and that no two Zombies are ever alike. That being said, with all of the different types of people out there, and all of the different types of death, states of decay, etc…etc…coupled with the obvious bits of super natural and science fiction tropes that can further alter the look of a Zombie, like mutation, and all of the different art styles available to further determine the look of a specific Zombie Drawing, the possibilities are virtually endless!

I hope that you enjoyed this new post Zombie Nation! Please feel free to come back again soon for more Zombie Art Mayhem!