Hey there fans of the living flesh that walks! I am very proud to share with you some of my very favorite Zombie Portraits that come to me from all over the world. This is a recent favorite as it was just completed this month. As I’ve mentioned before, what usually constitutes a portrait as being a favorite is really the original photo a fan sends in. Aside from the fact that this is a great family photo, and it’s a fantastic representation of a momentous occasion, it was also beautifully framed and therefore added to the overall impact of the finished product. Although this was a recent addition to the thousands of portraits that I’ve done, I will always remember this one fondly….Ah, who am I kidding, I remember them ALL fondly! I can’t help it I’m a real softee! Plus, looking at someones’ photo for four or five hours, really makes stick in the ol’ memory banks
‘Hope you’ve all enjoyed today’s post Zombie Nation, see you all tomorrow.