Hey Zombie Nation! Well, I don’t actually know if I used this exact image on Zombie Daily before or if I just used a cropped version, but here it is…possibly again. This is an image straight out of my very own Zombie Handbook, which is still available in stores, on Amazon and as a special, signed version, from our Zombie Portraits website, in which I personally custom sign a copy for you and do a little zombie sketch next to the signature. This image depicts a version of a possible future zombie created by nano technology, that assimilates it’s prey and is virtually un-killable. If you don’t have a copy of the Zombie Handbook, let me know and we can send you one. It really is a lot of fun, and there are many many illustrations in it which sets it apart from all the others! Visit our Zombie Portraits website today and find out how you can order “The Zombie Handbook : How to Identify the Living Dead and Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse”! See you next time!