So, honestly, I think that for the most Zombie Pinup Babes on the entire internet, Zombie Daily, is also your best bet! Sure, there are only fifty eight Undead Pinup Chicks in this series, but there were literally hundreds that I did before beginning this ‘Zombie Pinup Divas’ series a few months ago!

This particular new image in the series is very special to me, as it is a photo that I myself took, and the beautiful subject is none other than my girl Christine E! She is such a lovely and talented model that I just had to use some of the photos that we created in her studio, for the creation of some Zombie Pinup drawings! Christine will also be the subject of a new and utterly amazing series that I’ve got cooking up to reveal in the new year, and you will see the results right here on Zombie Daily! She is such an inspiration to me and my art, that illustrating her seems much more fun, effortless, and so much more rewarding. She is truly my muse and I really want to share her beauty with you all through my art! The new series that she will be appearing exclusively in, is something I’ve never tried before, and I am so incredibly looking forward to creating it with her and for all of you fans of the genre! I plan to make it EPIC!

Okay, so, that’s a wrap for today’s post Zombie Nation. I hope that you loved today’s image as much as I enjoyed creating it, and I also hope that you all stop by again soon for more Zombie Mayhem! Bye for now!zombie pinup diva 58 krys 2