Hello and welcome to another Zombie Art Post here on Zombie Daily! We are still going strong this year, not having missed a single day of posting new Zombie Illustrations in 2015, and, as an added bonus, not only is the majority of the Walking Dead art posted here exclusive to Zombie Daily, it is also brand new work, never before posted or seen anywhere else before it lands here! You are the premiere audience!

Speaking of not seeing, today’s Zombie Daily art is another selection from the ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ series, and clearly has no eyes…they were either eaten out, pecked out, burned out or just simply rotted out…yet, this, like any Zombie with the same affliction, he can sense your presence and be guided to your hiding place to surprise you and devour your living flesh! Most Zombies do have extra sensory perception in that fashion yet know one knows how it is achieved…One thing though has always been certain in dealing with the Living Dead, and that is, regardless of their sometimes overwhelming shortcomings, they should never be underestimated in their search for living flesh!

Thank you all for stopping in today everyone! ‘Hope to see you back soon!