Greetings Obama vs. Zombies Fans! Although I haven’t zombified President Barack Obama yet, and probably won’t as I think he’s been zombified many times already, I did just whip up this T-shirt design showing him plowing through a bunch of walking dead heads. Although I originally did this design for a T-shirt, I simply do not have time to finish it in color, and therefore, it will most likely never see the light of day on someones chest. As a result, Zombie Daily once again comes to the rescue and allows me to share a “lost zombie” image with all of you.
There have only been a handful of occurrences where art has been done and not used for whatever reason. That is sometimes how things end up working out and for the most part I’m fine with whatever decision is made to produce a different image. Of course in this case, it was just a simple matter of running out of time to get the image completed in my own schedule as this was not a deadline job.

Despite the fact that this image will perhaps languish in the limbo file, it was a very nice break from doing the zombie artwork that I normally produce. You’ll notice that the style used for this particular image is much different compared to a lot of my other illustrations. Like the recent work I just completed for the Dead Buried and Back zombie website, I really wanted this image to pop, so I used a hot press illustration board which is much smoother, and employed nice thick fat holding lines and very little small detail so that you can really see the image in it’s entirety from across the room. A very bold approach that I use mainly for this type of design work.

Once again Zombie Nation, I hope that you all enjoyed today’s post, I hope to see you all again very soon for more zombie mayhem! Bye for now.