Hey there Zombie Art Freaks! Not only do I bring you the Zombie Paul McCartney today, but I also bring you the great news that I am the new featured artist on the entirely female run horror site Gores Truly! It is an absolute honor, and I finally go to talk to a girl! :). Of course you must check out the adjoining interview where I reveal that “Night of the Living Dead” may not have been my first exposure to cinematic zombies, and you can find out why “Return of the Living Dead” is my favorite zombie movie of all time. Here of course is the link:


Incidentally, today’s image of the undead Paul McCartney is of course from my book, Zombiewood Weekly : The Celebrity Dead Exposed, in stores and on Amazon.com, now.

Thank you all for stopping by today Zombie Nation. Please check out the featured artist article on Gores Truly today, and remember, in addition to all of the zombie art shenanigans that I post here on Zombie Daily every day, I also do, the original hand painted one of a kind Zombie Portraits, on, what else, www.zombieportraits.com/ . If you haven’t checked that site out in a while, please do, and you can get yourself or a horror loving loved one zombified for a special occasion, or just for the love of it, just like Paul here!

See you again very soon!