Hey Zombie Girl Art Lovers! I’m still searching for the 20 Best Zombie Art pieces here on Zombie Daily! It’s getting difficult to track down my favorites as I do new stuff every day and I seem to like the newest stuff the best! I may end up resorting to how many views a certain piece has gotten and cross reference that with my own criteria. In any case, I really would love to create a new category for Zombie Daily posts and make it a “Best Of” type of thing. Incidentally, today’s new image was a recent test of a new paper. I kind of found it to be a little bit lacking as it turned my inks a little too chunky and there was a little bit of resistance in the otherwise smooth surface of the paper which I found a little deceptive. It may be due to the humidity that I’m working in right now, so I’ll give this paper another shot when the weather becomes a little cooler and dryer as I hate to dispel a papers’ usefulness after only one try. Thanks for stopping by Zombie Nation! I hope that you all liked today’s post, and I hope to see you all again in the near future!