Greetings Zombie Freaks! More Zombie Girls comin’ at ya today from Zombie Daily! This was a zombie girl image that I had drawn very early in the year, but, I haven’t posted till now for various reasons. A lot of times I’ll be completely inspired to do tons of drawings in a weekend or afternoon, which after being scanned, go into a large Zombie Daily folder to be used at various time through out the year. Sometimes, I’ll do a week of zombie animals, or a celebrity dies, and I’ll zombify them for a posting, or, I really want to share a new drawing with you right away that I’m proud of, so, there are some illustrations that inevitably go on the back burner for a while. Actually, I think that I did this one in February!

Eventually they all get their day in the sun.

Thanks for stopping in, ‘hope that you liked today’s post. See you all next time!