Good day my ravenous army of  the Living Dead! I bring to you Zombie Daily! Here is the perfect breeding ground for a tremendous amount of Zombie Girl Art, the likes of which have never been seen anywhere on the internet before being posted here first! It has become a huge passion of mine to deliver to you, the fans of the ever expanding Zombie genre, new flesh eating dead as art everyday!

Now on to anther phase in my depiction of  Zombie Pinup Babes. This style really amped up the gore and decay detail to a very high level and it was a much more rendered style. I think that this phase, even out decayed one of my first attempts to illustrate undead babes, which were mostly swimsuit Zombie Models. Those were primarily done a small color drawings and they were very neatly decayed reanimated corpses from top to bottom. Of course this era of illustrating Zombie Pinups became unsatisfying for the exact opposite reason yesterdays image style did, in that it was too gore laden and almost totally bereft of any alluring qualities at all. I had to find a more happy medium. Of course, any drawing is in of it’s self okay, and it’s not like I would never want to go back and do any of those styles again. For a series of  cohesive looking Zombie Pinup Divas, I wanted to do something in a style that I really wanted to go back to and perhaps really expand on as the series was constantly being formed…You’ll see what I’m referring to tomorrow.

Thanks for stopping in today everyone. For more Zombie Mayhem, tune in tomorrow, right here on Zombie Daily!