Here we are again, our backs up against the wall facing hordes, literally hundreds of Zombies! Oh, wait a second, those are just drawings of Zombies! Whew! But still there are hundreds of Zombie Drawings…all different…yet somehow they all look like they’ve drawn by the same person…it can’t be, no one can draw that many Zombies! We MUST be close to the largest collection of Zombie Art on the planet…Yes, it’s true! It’s ZOMBIE DAILY!!

Ha! Well, you finally guessed! Yes, it’s true you’ve found Zombie Daily, and once again, you honor me with your presence. Today’s Zombie art comes from yet another custom request in the long line of perks that were available from my ‘Rob Sacchetto’s Cape Fear’ Indie- gogo campaign. However this request was, “surprise Me!” Well, I hope that they are surprised when they receive their copy of the graphic novel, and this pops out! I did a number of custom requests for the campaign, and while most of them were black and white to save a bit of tine, I tried to put in as much detail as possible. Plus, the images were supposed to be 4X6 size but ended up being much bigger in most cases. My goal is to always keep the fans of the Zombie Genre happy and offer special gifts when I can!

Thank you all for coming Zombie Nation. I hope to see you again very soon!