Greetings all you Zombie Artwork Freaks! New heads, zombified daily here are your number one source for original, hand drawn or painted not-culled-from-other-sources-on-the-internet, Zombie Daily! Today’s addition to the Heads of the Living Dead series is a style that admittedly been seen quite often in the zombie genre as of late as it has been made popular with the Walking Dead TV series. The greyish pallor, exposed teeth and unblinking eyes are relatively indicative of the common zombie. I thought that I’d pay a little tribute to those particular type of zombies as they are for obvious reasons, the most common post life atrocities that haunt our nightmares. Having said that however, I of course really want to explore the other avenues of the zombie visual, as I’ve mentioned exhaustively in recent posts, and I hope that even all of you zombie purists out there don’t mind too much.

I really want to thank you all for joining me here again on Zombie Daily everyone, and although I didn’t post a zombie leprechaun today, I still want to wish everyone a Happy St. Patrick’s Day!