Hey there  Zombie Art Fans! For the Most Zombie Art anywhere, you know where to go, and it’s right here on Zombie Daily! Hey, check out this zombie target, one of a series of zombie targets done as a commission.

The 50 Best Zombie Drawings is a sub set compilation that I’d like to do next year and possibly create a small book with those images if enough people would like to see it. It is going to be a difficult task to distill 50 images from over 1300 drawings but I’d really love to take a retrospective look at all the different series’ and the different time frames that Zombie Daily has gone through. Having started in 2008, Zombie Daily has changed a lot from first being art that I would create on leftover pieces of paper with failing art materials, to literally a site in which many companies come to ask for art to license for many Zombie related products. And the best is yet to come! I’ve really been anxious to lay into some brand new art and zombie pin ups after spending the last four months doing a huge project and nothing else but Zombie Portraits. I’m really looking forward to the new year of Zombie Art and I hope that you are too!