Hey there Zombie Art Fans! I bring you the Whitney Houston Zombie, not out of disrespect for the recently dead, but as a tribute to her incredibly short life. I myself was never really into her brand of music, but I know that she did touch countless people with her inspirational songs. Whitney passed yesterday apparently due to problems arising from her sustained drug abuse, but I’m sure if you want to find out more, just turn on the news. Even after all of these years of being the “Zombie Portrait Guy” I still feel strange posting or even drawing a person who is no longer among the living, and especially someone so recently deceased, but I like to point out that this is the art that I do and for me it’s a more a response to honor them rather than a parody or anything malicious. This imane by the way, was illustrated as a part of my “Zombiewood” book.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s post Zombie Nation, see you all again soon.