Good day to you Zombie Loving Freaks! Once again, the mighty Zombie Daily exposes you to new Zombie Art! When I say new Zombie Art, I mean just that, as this new illustration, and addition to the Zombie Pinup Divas series was just completed a few short days ago!

For those of you unfamiliar with Shelly Martinez, let me just quickly say, that she is the Latina Bombshell from many different wrestling leagues including being a former member of TNA wrestling. It’s hard not to notice her for obvious reasons, and I quickly became a fan of hers years ago. I just recently realized that she’d be a fantastic addition to the Zombie Pinup Divas series, so I illustrated her as an undead minion not once, but twice! You’ll be able to see the other new drawing depicting her rise from barren earth in a few short days!

‘Gonna make it a short post today folks. Thanks for stopping in today and checking out the newest Zombie Daily offering. I hope that you loved it and I also hope that you all stop in again soon for more!