Greetings all you Zombie Artwork Lovers! The heads keep coming and I just keep zombifying them, all this week! Here is another example of what happens when science goes horribly wrong. What we’ve got here is a cadaver that has been fused with spider DNA in an attempt to create a “Spiderman” super soldier. the military genetic researchers thought that if they could splice the genes of this deceased soldier with that of a wolf spider, they could create a human spider hybrid super soldier with all the know how and training of the man and all of the proportionate strength speed and agility of the arachnid. Well, it kinda backfired as the resulting mutation turned out to be a living dead abomination with killing and eating humans being the only thing on it’s mind. I’ve really enjoyed the zombie fusion images within the “Heads of the Living Dead” series and I hope that you have too, in fact, it’s my wish that you are enjoying this series as much as I am enjoying drawing it. Please feel free to stop by tomorrow Zombie Nation as the week of the zombie heads rolls on!