More Zombie Art anyone? Here at Zombie Daily,I bring to you a new Zombie Drawing or Painting every day, and it’s not culled from an outside source, video still image or otherwise. All of the new artwork that you see here on a daily basis is 100% illustrated by me, Rob Sacchetto, your friendly neighborhood artist of the undead. Why do I do it? It’s because I have an undying love for the Zombie/Horror genre, and would love to contribute to it in as grand fashion as I possibly can. Illustrating a zombie a day is one way to give back to a genre that I have enjoyed for so many years. I also do it for the other fans of the Zombie Genre…all of you! I hope to share my art with all of the people like yourselves out there who really dig Zombie Art. In the meantime, I do a lot of Zombie related art jobs and projects for several different individuals who have seen this genre build and want to provide people with an undead take on a staple product. That brings me to today’s image, the Barack Obama Zombie. This Obama Target is an image, along with the Fidel Castro Zombie, the Saddam Hussein Zombie and the Osama Bin Laden Zombie, that I did for a company that provides targets for shooting ranges. Expect many more to come and a line on how to get yours coming up very soon right here on Zombie Daily!

Thank you all for stopping in today for your daily dose of dead flesh that walks! See you all again soon!