The Monsters of Schlock are awesome. They are essentially a two-man modern day sideshow and both members are multiple Guinness World Record Holders. Recently one half of the Monsters, Sweet Pepper Klopek, commissioned a custom sketch from me. This was actually one of the rewards featured in my recent Cape Fear graphic novel IndieGogo campaign. Now, normally a custom sketch isn’t something so involved by the Monsters and I go quite a away back. In fact, they had a booth right next to me at my first Festival of Fear horror con appearance, so I felt inclined to put a little more into the project.

The ‘sketch’ pretty much turned into a full blowing black and white mini portrait and I really like how it turned out. I may actually offer this sort of portrait as an option in the near future but, until then, how would YOU like a custom sketch?

Right now I have a new IndieGogo campaign running where I am going to let YOU, the zombie fans, dictate what appears on this blog for the next 365 days. For just $25 you can tell me what to draw AND you get to keep the original sketch. Head on over to IndieGogo for all the details!