Hey there Zombie Freaks! There are more zombies here than you should see in a day! Seriously you might get damaged Living Dead corneas from the sheer volume of Zombie Art there is to see here at Zombie Daily as we’re reaching our 1500th post! Today’s new image come to us from the Cape Fear Indiegogo campaign perks. The person wanting the custom art simply asked for Zombie randomness, so I thought that it would be neat to have a slow Zombie inhabit the same frame as a fast Zombie, showing that they can both exist and eat brains and flesh together i peace. Whether it’s the Walking Dead, the Running Dead or even the Crawling Dead, all zombie deserve their right to Dead-Life. Of course in other news, the Walking Dead TV show comes back tonight with part two of the third season and it looks to be worth the wait. This show is great and I even recommend it to my non Zombie Loving friends, but ya gotta admit the Zombies in it are awesome! The Zombie killings are great too! I’ll be watching it tonight for sure!

Okay, that just about wraps it up for another day of Zombie Art! I hope that you can all swing by next week, as I’ll be posting some great surprises. Thanks for coming!