Welcome again to the largest source of new, original zombie artwork every day, Zombie Daily! The undead illustration today is a new “Head of the Living Dead” entry in the massive series, and is hot off the drawing board as it was finished just the day before last. I’ll be bringing you more from this series as the week progresses because I am absolutely deluged with new Zombie Portrait orders, and I have several ‘heads’ drawings waiting to to get some face time in the zombie queue files. This has been a great week for Zombie Portraits as more people are catching the virus due to the fact that I was on the trend finding and reporting site Boing Boing and had a featured article on my portraits service in the Huffington Post! I’m putting out my absolute best work right now and I love my work more now than I ever have! I’m even cultivating a mass library of sketches and reference material in anticipation of reaching my goal of 365 “Heads of the Living Dead” drawings, because, once they’re done, I’m going to blast off with some very inspired new art to share with all of you! I hope you’re gonna love it!

Thank you all for attending another day of new Zombie art here on Zombie Daily, I hope to see you all again soon!