Hey there all of you Zombie Pin Up Lovers! Today’s zombified offering is another very quick and fluid rendering of a living dead pin up girl. An illustration like this usually takes about twenty five to forty five minutes to execute, depending on it’s size and complexity of course. I often do these types of drawings before starting on other more involved pieces, as it really gets me loosened up and in a relaxed state of mind. At the moment I’m having a huge sale on Zombie Portraits which ends tomorrow. right now, you can get $10 off all single color Zombie Portrait orders and $20 off all color couples Zombie Portraits. If you’ve ever considered getting a genuine hand drawn Zombie Portrait of yourself or a loved one, now is the time! his offer is also good for Gift Certificates! I can either E-mail you a gift certificate or send you one in the mail. Possibly the best gift any horror fan can get as it is 100% personal and one of a kind! Also happening right now, more art for the new Jonathn Maberry book, “Flesh and Bone”, third in the series, following up the wildly successful “Rot and Ruin” and “Dust and Decay”. In these books, i provide the “chase card” images for key characters within the story. If you haven’t picked these up yet, you are missing out on some fantastic zombie actions and superb story telling! nd, if you haven’t heard, I’m actually a named character in the story who does “erosion art”, which, you may know as Zombie Portraits! Yes, it’s art imitating life, imitating art! I hope that you’ve enjoyed today’s post Zombie Nation! Don’t forget to order your Zombie Portrait soon and take advantage of the great sale that I’ve got going on now. Thanks, see you soon!