Hey there fans of Zombie Art! To Zombify or not to Zombify, that is the question…Well, I say ZOMBIFY! and man have I ever done THAT for the last six years! So, for the last ten of eleven days I’ve been doing a bit of a retrospective of Zombie Babe images here on Zombie Daily, and I really hop that you’ve all liked both the old and new images created and posted in that vein. Today, we’re back to some more regular posts, and that includes the massive series I’m creating called “the Heads of the Living Dead!” I’m intending to post a bunch of new ones from that series this week, but I’m also going to be working on other material that I’ll likely share with all of you rabid Zombie Art fans when it has been completed. Please enjoy this new “Head” I call “Ultra Gemini Zombie” in the meantime. Thanks for stopping in today Zombie Nation, I hope that you all return soon for more!