It’s Vault of Horror Week here at Zombie Daily! What’s ‘Vault of Horror Week you ask? Well, instead of ‘A Zombie Daily Blast from the Past, ‘ I thought ‘Vault of Horror,’ was a lot more in keeping with what we do here, and that is, post illustrations of Zombies every day!

Now virtually every one of these images I plan to post this week have only seen the light of day once here on Zombie Daily, and most, if not all, are from the first or second year of Zombie Daily, so these go back to 2008 to 2009! Most of you, and again, possibly all of you checking out Zombie Daily in the last two to three years have likely never seen these images!

So, here is the first of the ‘Vault of Horror’ week images, the Sumo Zombie! I realized way back that I really didn’t do a lot of ‘Sport’ oriented Zombie Art, so I started doing a few, and this was one of the ones I did before I kind of lost interest in doing a series…Sports is just not my world, and it was weird for me to get a handle on what people wanted to see…I will in the future try this out again to hopefully more worthwhile results…

Thank you for stopping in today Zombie Nation! I hope to see you all again in the near future! ‘Bye for now!