Hey there all you Zombie Pin Up Fans! I’ve got more Zombified Pin Up Babes here on Zombie Daily than you could shake a severed finger at, and here’s a new one to feast your peepers at! As it is with most of the very large series of similar zombie drawings, I really attempt to keep things fresh and fun to draw. I’ve never really settled on one definitive style, however my artwork is identifiable as my own. I just finished some truly bizarre drawings that are very uncharacteristic of my regular working styles that I’m very exited to share with you all. Again, they represent a different facet to art that I’m interested in producing as is many other styles ranging from the realistic the the grossly cartoony. As is with the zombie pin up girls, they’ve changed considerably over the years in the way they have been illustrated. I don’t necessarily want to abandon a style once I have moved on the the next, rather I’d like to revisit it again when the opportunity arises in which it is best suited for the job. What’s kind of fun about it is that I almost feel as though someone else has illustrated something that I’ve done, and I can enjoy a different style that I have developed from afar as more of an audience member than the guy who drew it!

Thanks for stopping in Zombie Nation, ‘hope to see you all again soon!