Back again I see? Well, if you like Zombies and you like art, it’s really no wonder why you’d want to come back to Zombie Daily, because that’s what we do here, post more new, original Zombie Art than any other place on the internet!

Another new Heads of the Living Dead graces our mighty blog today as the ranks of this series continues to grow! Over 400 strong and no sign of letting up! I still love adding to this venerable series because, quite simply, they are such fun to do! That and the fact that they are relatively quick to produce in terms of start to finish time, so that they really help to become the glue that keeps Zombie Daily going in times of extreme business on my part. Of course in the past I would regrettably have to put Zombie Daily on hiatus while I tended to higher levels of  work coming in, but so far, I’ve been able to manage over two years without a break despite having huge projects during that time, due to the ‘heads series. Most of the time I even have a bunch just waiting to be posted, which is great when you’re running a DAILY art blog!

Thanks for stopping in Zombie Nation! I hope to see you all back again soon!