Hey there all you Zombie Artwork Fans in the Land of the Dead! I’ve got more zombie artwork drawings for you today and every day on Zombie Daily! I must admit that sometimes, I really don’t know where the inspiration comes from when creating a new Zombie Head for the “Heads of the Living Dead” series. Basically what I’ve done from the very beginning, is take my piece of watercolor paper, place it atop the skull template that I drew, put both on a light table and then basically do a spontaneous zombie head with the skull I can see through the paper. Of course there have been moments where I kind of have a vague idea in mind before starting, but it is often just a word or a phrase in my head, like, “punk zombie” or “hole in the zombie head”, or even “zombie eating worms”. It is then that I basically begin drawing based on that idea. Most of the time I simply sit down, and start drawing atop that template, just add-libbing to see what will happen. I think that since I’ll miss that fun aspect of the process so much, that ‘not knowing’ what will turn out, I don’t think that I’ll completely abandon this series after the goal has been met.

Thank you all for stopping in today everyone, I hope to see you all again soon!