More Zombie artwork coming at you today in the form of a zombified zit! “Heads of the Living Dead” week continues here on Zombie Daily with a problem that I’m sure plagues many of the undead, boils and zits. But how do you keep your afterlife complexion from going south, especially when a new eruption of pimples may have teeth of their own? Well it’s best not to think about it because sooner or later…probably sooner…your entire epidermis is going to be sloughed off in large jelly like sheets. This is the kinda stuff I actually think about when drawing one of these new “HotLD” drawings. It really brings a smile to my face and gets me right into the often gore soaked task at hand, forcing me to think of what these very thoughts should look like on paper. It’s really what keeps each and every new drawing in this massive series different from the last. Whether I’m thinking of a head covered in mushrooms or one dripping with slime I try to connect with the color texture and gravity of the head being drawn. I hope that you liked today’s new entry in the “Heads of the Living Dead” week here on Zombie Daily, tune in again soon to see more new living dead heads!