Hey there my flesh eating hordes of the undead! New Zombie Album Art for you today coming from your number one source of original undead drawings, Zombie Daily! This was a big year for me in regards to book and album cover Zombie Art and design. This image, done for official madman, Wyzae Crankfield (Poppazae) was done just about a month or so ago and was featured on my Rob Sacchetto Zombie Fan Page on Facebook, but those of you who didn’t get a chance to see it can check it out right here. There are many more awesome Zombie Project related artworks that will find there way here for you all to see, and I really want to make you all aware of the actual projects behind the art so you can hunt them down and enjoy them for yourselves. I like to try to create awareness of someone’s project when it involves my services, as an extra benefit to me doing the art work.

I find myself involved in a lot of great projects that really do need to be supported because they are so noteworthy to Zombie Fans like you..and of course me!