The latest Zombie Art that I’ve completed is ready to share with all of you awesome Zombie Fans right here, every day, on Zombie Daily! Today, a New Pokemon Go Zombie Image! Hi everyone, Rob Sacchetto here for another new day of Undead Illustrations! Between The Heads of the Living Dead, Zombie Pinup Divas and the Pokemon Go Zombies, it has been pretty hectic around here! I hope that you are all enjoying the three major Zombie Series posts, and the odd surprise I throw in from time to time too! The new Suicide Squad Joker Zombie and Zombie Cthulhu, were among the most recent surprise posts, but really, every post is kind of a surprise because even I don’t know what I’m going to post until the last second before I write out the title! One thing that I do try to make sure of is that all of the latest Zombie Art posts are different from the post the day before it. I like things to be changed up constantly. This is why I love doing ‘custom’ art for people. all of the custom art comes here first and helps to keep things even more unpredictable and exciting!

I’ll be attending another convention. This one will be straight up Zombie/Horror oriented. I leave in just a few short hours and I still have a few, (many), things to take care of before I go. I hope that is a great time! I’ve never been to this one before but it is the fifth year they are holding it, so it is hopefully a good one! ‘Wish me luck!

That’s it for this Zombie Daily post Zombie Nation! I hope you loved today’s new Zombie Art and come visit again soon for more! This is Rob Sacchetto saying, ‘bye for now!