Hot on the heels of yesterday’s Pokemon Zombie Art comes the latest Head of the Living Dead series illustration, now on Zombie Daily! Hi, I’m Rob Sacchetto, welcoming you to enjoy today’s brand new Living Dead illustration that ┬ámost recently created, straight from my art table to your rotting eye sockets!

So today marks a FIRST! Yes indeed! It’s the first time I’ve actually tried to do a Head of the Living Dead drawing, or, really ANY Zombie Art with the use of colored paper as the base! I know, it’s not Earth Shattering news, but from an artist’s perspective, like mine…it’s pretty neat! It really means that I’m willing and able to ‘change it up’ when it comes to using materials that I’m most accustomed to. I want to use the Heads of the Living Dead as a way to explore more mediums and not be afraid of the consequences! I want to experiment and see what happens! This is the first of many artistic shake ups coming for the Heads, and hopefully other art and series too! I’ve actually created a few of these new Heads using this new technique! It all just really happened one night when I found this paper at the bottom of a drawer. I thought I’d try the style out, and before I knew it, things were happening! I think I finished four new Zombie Heads that night! That is the fastest I’ve ever done any Heads of the Living Dead series Art since I started doing them back in 2008! I think that the process needs some fine tuning, but for being the first time trying a new medium or style, I think that they all turned out pretty solid!

That’s your new Zombie Art for today Living Dead Lovers! Be sure to visit Zombie Daily again soon as there is more Undead Gore Art just over the horizon! ‘Thanks for coming, ‘bye for now!