Welcome to another big Zombie Art Post here on Zombie Daily! October is the month of Halloween and overall scariness, and it is also the month that the new season of ‘The Walking Dead’ TV show returns! We had a bit of a glimpse of the spin off show, ‘Fear the Walking Dead,’ but from what I saw of it, it focused more on human drama than on Horror, and there was more grief than Gore involved…especially when you compare it to the flagship show, The Walking Dead. This perhaps will change as the series continues and hopefully we’ll see more Zombie Attacks and cool Zombie and human fatalities in the next season! As far as Zombie Art goes, you can expect to see the same amount of new stuff being posted here on Zombie Daily as you have all year ’round! After Halloween when everything turns to Christmas decorating and then New Years celebrations, Zombie Daily will be all the more appreciated as it will continue to scare up new Zombie Art every single day and actually make every day seem more like Halloween! It’s basically Halloween all year round here!

As usual, I hope you loved the new Zombie Art posted here today at Zombie Daily, and as usual, I hope that you all return soon for more Zombie Art Madness! Bye for now!