Zombie Art Lovers rejoice! It is the newest Zombie Image post time again on Zombie Daily! If you didn’t know, I’m Rob Sacchetto, famous Zombie Artist, and this is Zombie Daily, a place where I post a new Zombie Drawing or Zombie Painting, every day! I know it sounds crazy, but it’s true! For a little over nine years, I’ve shared with the world, virtually all of my Zombie Art! But wait, there’s more! I also do Zombie Portraits! In fact I invented the first Zombie Portrait service on the internet! Basically fans send me a photo of themselves or a loved one in the form of a J-Peg, and I create a portrait of them as a Zombie! I use traditional materials like water color paper, water colors, pen and ink and even pencil crayon! Basically all of my art is created this way, even all of the images that you see here on Zombie Daily! I’ve been doing Zombie Portraits for fans of the Living Dead for over ten years! In fact, there are two orders being worked on right now on my drawing board! One of those orders is a Zombie wedding portrait and the other is a family Zombie Portrait! Pretty cool don’t you think? You can actually order one of your own by clicking on the ‘Shop’ button on the top of the page in the options bar! ‘Hope to see you soon!

So, we’re finally back with a new ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ image after a fairly long hiatus! I’ll be adding more heads to get back into furthering their numbers and reaching that next massive milestone of Nine Hundred! It will be happening soon and I’m incredibly excited!

I welcome you to come back to Zombie Daily for more Zombie Art Mayhem tomorrow folks, and I also thank you for stopping in today! ‘Bye for now!