Hey there Zombie Nation, ready for some new Zombie Art?! Well you’re all in luck because you’re here on Zombie Daily, and New Zombie Art is all we do! Every day of the year new Images of Zombies, the Walking Dead, Ghouls, Rotters and everything that can be safely categorized as ‘Undead’ is posted as Art here and we’ve been doing it for years so there is a huge archive of Zombie Art material to view! How much you ask? Well, as of this post, there are over 2,300 entries here on Zombie Daily!

Today’s new image is another from the vast array of simplified tattoo images I created based on some of my favorite Zombie Daily Art. It’s basically another, different artistic take on artwork I created to be posted here, only I used it as a basis for more bold, simplified lines and flatter colors. I really love how these turned out! A lot of them almost have an animated TV show feel to them as they are brought down to more basic shapes and colors! I hope that you all are digging these too!

Thank you all so much for stopping in to Zombie Daily to see what new Zombie Art I’ve shared! ‘Hope to see you all again soon!