Whew! What a title! It’s true Zombie Art Lovers! Once in a while I kind of go all out and do an art print or two on a larger scale, usually a movie character or monster and this time, it’s a full fledged Zombie Babe! The character in this Zombie Art piece is known as Julie Walker (Melinda Clarke) from one of my favorite Zombie Movies, Return of the Living Dead Three! A very fun very cool Zombie Movie in my opinion! I just loved Melinda Clarke’s character and how they explained her self mutilation! Plus, I always thought Clarke was a stone cold hottie! Again, my opinion! I really wanted to do this illustration for a long while now, but never had the time to commit to it a hundred percent before. I’m glad that I finally did! I like how it turned out! If you compare it to any original pics from the film or of the character, you’ll see that I’ve made some changes here and there, but they are mostly for clarity and for the fact that I don’t like to do straight rips of a photograph or something already established…I’ll always want to add some of my Zombie Art flavor into everything and anything I reinterpret, otherwise what’s the fun?

I’ve always felt that this is one story line and character that could have been built on…maybe not as a movie sequel as such, but a comic book series perhaps. Perhaps a really good comic book series that leads to another film…or just a stand alone film with a ‘Return of the Living Dead’ subtitle! That would be cool! I could really see her as a Zombie Killer type character! I think that would be amazing!

Okay folks, a big drawing, a big post, and my thanks for checking out today’s new Zombie Art! I hope you all loved today’s image and that I see you all back for more new Zombie Art here on Zombie Daily in the future!