More Zombie Art for you good little boys and girls today on Zombie Daily! But of course, what kind of guy would I be if I called this blog site ‘Zombie Daily’ and didn’t give you brand new Walking Dead Illustrations to look at every day?

A new ‘Head of the Living Dead’ series illustration is on deck today and this one just reinforces my love for doing these…I can pretty much do anything as a Zombie in this series! The sky is the limit with the ‘heads’ series and I do mean that literally! There are no restrictions on the Heads series drawings in regards to content or what I turn ‘Undead.’ From animals to aliens to monsters to insects to mythological creatures, to me, it’s all good! I once even did a tooth! Yes, a tooth! HA! Oh, and a vegetable, and ice cream cone, and chocolate bar! Oh, and so many other weird ones! Yup, this is why I love the ‘heads’ series so much! I one day hope to be able to display them all, and by all, I mean whenever I end up ‘ending’ the series, ‘not sure when that might be!

Thanks for stopping in Zombie Art Lovers! ‘See you all again soon!