Zombie Pokemon GO! The newest Zombie Art to be featured today on Zombie Daily is the latest Zombie Pokemon Character from the first generation, Blastoise! Welcome everyone! I’m Rob Sacchetto, your host, and Zombie Illustrator behind all of the many hundreds of Living Dead images here on Zombie Daily!

I’m recovering from the celebration of posting the Nine Hundredth Head of the Living Dead drawing yesterday! We finally made it! It’s still an amazing feat to me! The fact is, I’m already well on my way to the next big milestone, but I promise that I wont mention it again until I get a bit closer to it…It IS a hundred Zombie Heads away! It’s weird because even before I actually posted the newest Head of the Living Dead, making the Nine Hundredth Head official, I was already well into the next hundred! I have more on the go on my drawing board, and several more in the works! The first twenty or so after another set of a hundred, seem to go by pretty fast! It’s when I get to about sixty in or so, it seems to draw itself out. Really though, it is not about the numbers. It is however all about how many COOL and DIFFERENT heads of Zombies I can create! That is the entire point of the Heads series and always will be! I do however wish that I could create a project, product or exhibit that shows them all in one place! That would be really quite interesting to see! I haven’t even been able to see them all like that! Hopefully one day, I’ll figure it out!

Thank you all for visiting Zombie Daily today! I hope that you’ve all enjoyed the new Zombie Art post of the day, and are back again to enjoy more soon! You’r support is always appreciated! See you again! ‘Bye for now!