Welcome lovers of Zombie Art! The newest Zombie illustrations in the World is posted here on Zombie Daily, every day and has been for YEARS! That’s right! new Zombie Art, every day for years! That has accumulated to over Two Thousand pieces posted here so far, and of course, that grows every single day! There are new gore soaked Ghouls being produced for you to see on Zombie Daily right now! It will all be illustrated by me, your host of Zombie Daily, Rob Sacchetto, and it will be soon proudly displayed here for all of you to see in the very near future!

One of the newest Zombie Drawing series I’ve started this year was the ‘Sports Team Logos of the Living Dead!’ I began this series with the fresh Zombie Art takes of the logos of NHL or National Hockey League logos, and despite having many other Zombie art series on the go, Zombie Portraits and simply other Art projects happening, i did manage to get a nice little start on this series…I’ve since had to take a hiatus from it to focus on other Zombie Art, but I will return to it soon, and I will try to have turned all of the currently active NHL team logos into Zombie Art by this coming Halloween hopefully. Today’s post is the logo of the Boston Bruins turned Zombie!

As most things go, in moving forward with this series, I will fall back on gauging it by public appeal mostly. If more people would like to see more of it, I will create more of it to satisfy demands! I am an artist of the people after all!

Thank you all so much for stopping in today everyone! I hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s new Zombie Art and that I see you all back for more again soon! ‘Bye for now!