Welcome to Zombie Daily! Are you ready for today’s new Zombie Art!? Great! Let’s get to it shall we? Today’s new Zombie Art is from….wait for it….Super Smash Bros! Yes! I told you that the week long Super Smash Bros Characters of the Living Dead Extravaganza wasn’t the end of the new Series! In fact, there will be even more Zombie Art renditions coming up from this series yet! There seems to be a lot of these characters, and more are added from time to time as well! I really didn’t know the whole ‘deal’ behind the new additions, but I’m starting to understand how it works…It’s almost like having Jason Voorhees in Mortal Combat, or ‘The Terminator’ in the newest WWE wrestling game!

Alright, so like the Super Smash Bros Zombie Art in the past, I’ve included a ‘brief’ write up on the featured character. Here’s the one for Bowser from the most reliable source available on the subject, the Fandom website :

Bowser (クッパ Kuppa?, Koopa), full name Bowser Koopa, is the supreme leader of the Koopa Troop, King of the Koopas. He is the primary and most consistent antagonist in the Super Mario video game empire. Since his debut in the world-famous Super Mario Bros. for NES as the arch-enemy of main hero Mario, Bowser is easily one of the most recognizable of all villain figures in the game industry. He has therefore appeared in the second, third and fourth games in the Super Smash Bros. series as a playable fighter. An alternative, powered-up and enlarged version of him called Giga Bowser also appears in Super Smash Bros. Melee. As a final boss figure in Adventure mode and as his Final Smash in Super Smash Bros. Brawl and Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS and Wii U.

Bowser was introduced in the seminal Super Mario Bros. for NES, with most of his traditional character traits introduced along with it. His story line role as a comically monstrous villain who always goes out of his way to kidnap the Mushroom Kingdom princess, Peach Toadstool. His gameplay role as a boss enemy for Mario to defeat, his fire-breathing abilities, his immeasurable army of henchmen such as mushroom-headed Goombas and turtle-like Koopa Troopas, and so on. Super Mario Bros. holds the Guinness World Record for best-selling video game, at 40 million copies, essentially guaranteeing worldwide fame for all characters who appeared in the game, Bowser included. He has appeared in some form in almost every Mario game to date, along with more members of his “family”, mainly his eight children, Bowser Jr. and the seven “Koopalings”.

Like Bowser’s Koopa Troopa underlings, he features elements of a tortoise, albeit a giant mutant tortoise with qualities of a fire-breathing dragon. His shell and tail are covered with spikes and has a pair of almost demonic-looking horns on his head. He also has a very distinctively-constructed face and red hair arranged like a Mohawk, both very unlike a typical Koopa Troopa. To settle a common dispute, original game developers intended for Bowser to be more of a dragon instead of his common perception as a turtle. Bowser, at times, is depicted in vastly different sizes, somewhat resembling Mario’s tendency to grow or shrink in size during games starring him. He’s a colossus in his appearance as the final boss of Super Mario Sunshine, while in other appearances he is only slightly larger than the average person. The fact that Bowser has offspring would suggest he had a wife at some point, but this character has never been seen or referred to in the series, though the UK version of Nintendo Power magazine has stated that Bowser’s wife is named Clawdia.

Bowser is the primary villain in many Super Mario themed platforms, and therefore usually not a playable character. Bowser has appeared as a playable character, however, in a large percentage of Mario games nonetheless, such as in the Mario Kart series. Whereas Mario is consistently the most balanced character in the character line-up of any competitive Mario-themed game, Bowser traditionally fits the “big, slow, and strong character” archetype to the extreme in any game he is playable. In the various Mario-themed sports games, for example, Bowser performs relevant actions more powerfully than others but more slowly as well. While in the Mario Kart games, Bowser as a selectable racer features the heaviest weight and the highest top speed of the racers, but who is offset by low acceleration and handling talent. This archetype is faithfully preserved in Bowser’s appearance as a playable fighter in both Super Smash Bros. Melee and Brawl.

Since Super Mario games typically do not feature epic and emotionally involved story lines and character development like an RPG, opting for more straightforward, cheery, and colorful atmospheres whose starring characters are essentially meant to represent gaming personalities more than anything else. Bowser has not had much change in personality and role over the years: he is consistently shown to be brutish, oafish, and sarcastically witty at times. A “traditional” Super Mario game plot is usually some variation of him kidnapping princess Peach within one of his lava and trap-filled castles and Mario coming to save her from his clutches. It is indicated by several games that this is because Bowser may have genuine feelings for Peach. Bowser is generally a threat to Mario in games that place him in the role of a boss, though more recently he comes off more like a bumbling and comical character when trying to come across as “evil”. There are Super Mario games, particularly the RPGs, that feature stories that showcase other Super Mario master villains. They prove more of a legitimate threat to Mario and the land than Bowser can ever hope to achieve. Bowser grows very jealous whenever that happens, so in a few of the RPGs Bowser reluctantly allows himself to work with Mario and friends to battle the villain.

Bowser remains a “regular” in the Super Mario empire of video games, though he only really held the image of a consistently threatening menace in his early game appearances. Nowadays, when he is not on seemingly equal grounds with the other Super Mario characters in competitive games like sports and kart racing or even helpful to the characters in RPG roles, he is an antagonist who is depicted as bumbling, comical, and almost slightly incompetent. He works hard to come across as “bad” and supposedly has been doing so from a young age as Baby Bowser (which is different from Bowser Jr., his son, though they look so similar their names are often confused).

Okay, so much for ‘brief!’ Of course, that’s the nature of a lot of these characters. They are very complex and come from complex backgrounds.

I really hope that you guys loved today’s Zombie Art! This is by far one of my favorite characters from the Super Smash Bros universe turned Zombie Art for the ever growing series! Thanks foe stopping in to Zombie Daily today, and making the Zombie Art fix one of your daily priorities! More on the way, so do come by again soon!