And Now, for our main Zombie Art attraction, Zombie Bulbasaur Pokemon! Hey there Zombie Nation! Welcome to Zombie Daily, your one stop on all of the world wide web where you’ll see the newest Zombie Art entering the planet Earth! No other site in all of the world possesses more Walking Dead Illustrations than Zombie Daily! I’ve dedicated virtually my entire artistic career to the Art of the Living Dead in all of it’s many forms!

Who am I you might ask? I’m Rob Sacchetto, inventor of the Zombie Portrait, writer and artist of ‘The Zombie Handbook : How to Identify the Living Dead and Survive the Coming Zombie Apocalypse’, and artist behind almost countless Zombie Illustrations for over ten years! There’s more to the story than that, but we can save it for another time! For now, let’s just concentrate on what we do here best, and that is, new Zombie Art!

‘Looks like the whole Pokemon Go! thing is really exploding! This is the main reason for me doing this huge set of Pokemon Zombies! It’s to excite Pokemon lovers, Zombie Lovers, and to draw in more attention to Zombie Culture through different interest groups who my not currently be fans! This is one of the ways I try to help the Zombie Genre grow! It is my contribution through my specific ability! It’s something even George Romero couldn’t do!

So this is why I constantly implore individuals of ALL interests to check out Zombie Daily on a regular basis! It’s not JUST about Zombies, it’s not JUST about Art, and it’s not JUST about pop culture…It’s all of those things in one! Plus, as often as possible, it’s interactive!

Thank you all for joining me for another day of Zombie Art and Undead talk here on Zombie Daily! As always, there will be more tomorrow and I hope that you’ll all be here to see what’s new! ‘Bye for now!