Once again it’s Zombie Daily! Coming at you with more Zombie Art than you have ever witnessed in one place! I’m Rob Sacchetto, your host and Zombie Artist behind all of the Living Dead drawings and paintings here! More Zombie Imagery from the utterly massive, epic and staggering series of the ‘Heads of the Living Dead!’ This series went off the rails numbers wise, years ago, but since we are soon to post its Nine Hundredth HUGE post here on Zombie Daily in mere days, the anticipation is truly huge for me! Hopefully it’s exciting for you guys as well!

When creating new Heads of the Living Dead, I have to say, I don’t have any sort of reference of past head drawings. I basically start them with whatever thoughts or mental references I have in my head and let them create themselves so to speak. I always hope that the next one I create doesn’t look too much like the For Hundred and Fifty Third one I created! They are basically done spontaneously and with no prior remembrance of any of the ones that preceded it! I’m fairly confident that my statement, ‘Zombies are like snowflakes, no two are ever alike,’ actually is the be all truth! I really think it is, and I think that doing them in the specific way I do them further enforces that! Ultimately, I’ll have to one day set aside some time and go through the many heads I’ve created and see if there are any ‘doubles!’ That will be a real chore, but a lot of fun too!

Thank you all for making Zombie Daily a place to visit on your internet travels! More Zombie Art is just hours away and you never can tell what will end up being a Zombie here next! Stop by soon and find out! ‘Bye for now!