Once again, I bring you brand new Zombie Art! It’s Zombie Daily, and we’re doing it all over again! More Zombie Art! For the entire year I’ve brought you my newest Zombie Drawings and Paintings, fresh from my drawing board in my home studio…and for several years before this one too! Almost Twenty Five Hundred pieces of Zombie Art inhabiting this website and counting! I just really tried my hardest this year to make it one in which all the Zombie Art posted was from this year, fresh, new and exclusive, with no re posts, or as little outside work as possible. Well, it’s almost the end of the year 2015 and so far I’ve kept to my self imposed mandate! I really hope that I can make it to the end! I’m also very excited to create a new batch of Zombie Art in the new year! I’ll be attending a few Expos and conventions next year and I want to have new art prints on hand! That means new Zombie Super Hero Art and Art from pop culture cons, Video Games and other fan favorite characters! Very much looking forward to that!

Today’s Head of the Living Dead series drawing is another great example of the fun and diversity you can have with the Zombie genre visuals! A lot of the Living Dead Heads from this series are kind of played for laughs, or have a distinct ‘tongue in cheek’ angle to them. There are a few however that really do get the great gore drenched attention they deserve too, and some are downright disturbing!

Okay Zombie Fans, That about does it for another Zombie Art post here on Zombie Daily! Thank you all for stopping in today and please feel free to do so again soon, as there will be more Zombie Art on display here in twenty four hours of less!