More New Zombie Art! How about that! For the newest, and most original hand drawn Zombie Art on the planet, it’s always time for Zombie Daily, and I’m saying always because what Zombie Daily does every single day in the calendar, year after year, is post Zombie Art! It’s true! If you can’t believe it, check out the epic archives filled to the rafters with the horrific Walking Dead!

Okay, so, today’s new Zombie Art is another new Video Game Character of the Living Dead! Already? Yes! Between being exceptionally busy at the moment doing all sorts of art projects, I’m trying to fit in as many Zombie Art Video Game Character pieces in as I can to prepare for a few ‘gaming’ expos that I’m attending this year locally. The Characters will be made into eight by ten glossy prints to sell at the expos, along with some other fun prints and merchandise! I’m shooting for at least twenty five to thirty different designs! Hopefully they will all be received well, but in the meantime all of you get to see them all first!

I hope that all of you out there in Zombie Land have been digging these ‘Video Game Characters of the Living Dead’ images! They are a ton of fun to turn ‘Zombie’ and are always a Zombie Fan Favorite! There’s no question that there definitely will be more to come, it will just be a matter of balancing the new original Zombie Images I create, with the ‘already established,’ or licensed characters from movies, animated series and television shows, not to mention comic books and other popular media. I don’t want those to over shadow the original Art that I create here!

Okay, more Zombie Art was posted today, I yapped a bit about it, so it seems like the end of another Zombie Daily post here! Please come back soon for more soon!