Zombie Art is what you crave, and Zombie Art is what you shall receive! This is after all, the Mighty Zombie Daily! Welcome everyone! Rob Sacchetto here, the ‘Zombie Guy’ to many, but your humble artist and master of ceremonies behind each and every Zombie Daily post since the dawn of the Zombie Daily posts!

Today’s new Zombie Art post features the last image from the new series of ‘Zombie Cat Head’ drawings! Now, as most series go on Zombie Daily, a final image, does not necessarily that series is over for good. Often times it means that it is the last image from the first run of that series. I like to come out strong with a new bunch of drawings from a new series, and, depending how many images I initially do, it can be a short run, or a longer run. with the Zombie Cat Head series, I did fourteen initially! That’s a pretty good run for a first go at a new series of Zombie Art. I will likely revisit the Zombie Cat Heads at a later time. In fact, I’ve already gathered reference for more! When I feel that the time is right to get back and do some new ones, I’ll once again attack! I think that with the Cat Heads, it’s only a matter of time, because they were a lot of fun to do! Plus, there are some popular cats that I’d like to get to, like the Cheshire Cat, and maybe even toss some Cartoon Cats into the mix! That could be fun! Really, Zombie Daily, is all about fun…and gore, and rot, and the Undead, and….well, you get the idea!

I hope that you all enjoyed today’s new Zombie Art post here on Zombie Daily! More Ghouls, Living Dead, Biters, Walkers, Rotters and assorted denizens of the dead flesh are coming your way tomorrow! Have a great day! ‘Bye for now!