Zombie Art, even for Pokemon Go! fans! Hi there everyone out there in Zombie Land! I’m Rob Sacchetto and I’m the artist behind all of the Zombie Images here on Zombie Daily! I started out creating the world renowned, Zombie Portraits service, also accessible on this site, and when even doing hundreds of Undead Portraits wasn’t enough to satisfy my craving for the Zombie Art genre, I established Zombie Daily! That was WAY back in 2008! Since then Zombie Daily has seen the proliferation of over 2,600 Zombie Drawings and Paintings added to its vast data-art-base! Here you will find Zombie Images from virtually every corner of pop-culture, the animal kingdom, celebrity and beyond! In fact, far beyond!

Take our little friend Charmander here from the super popular ‘Pokemon Go!’ game! I love to bring more people into the Zombie Genre! In doing so, I like to follow trends and create topical Zombie Art based on things happening NOW! My dedication to the Living Dead genre in all its forms is apparent as I try to get the message out by alerting people of new Zombie Trending Art on many social media platforms! A lot of the Zombie drawings and paintings that you see out there on the world wide web, originate right here on Zombie Daily first! So you, the fans and individuals who frequent Zombie Daily on a regular basis, get to see exclusive content here first! So to those of you who have been supporting Zombie Daily all of these years, or who have just discovered it and are enjoying it now…Thank you so much for your support! It really means everything to me and it keeps me going!

So I leave you with that Zombie Nation! Another new piece of Zombie Art for the history books, and always a promise of more to come soon! ‘Hope that you’ve all enjoyed today’s Pokemon Go! Zombie Art!