‘See the thing is this…Zombie Daily, posts new Zombie Art, and nothing but new Zombie Art every day! ‘Don’t believe me, check it out…go through each, Gore Soaked, Rotting, Decaying, Cannibalistic, Reanimated, Deformed, Ravenous, Worm Riddled, Exhumed and sometimes, somehow in some way, even a little actually Sexy, Zombie Art post here in the Zombie Daily archives, and let me know if I’ve missed a single day posting a brand new Zombie Drawing or Painting and I’ll double it!

Welcome Zombie Nation, to another Zombie Image posting! A new Zombie daily art piece is once again taken care of by the, ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ series as that remarkable, gargantuan, collection of the most repulsive mugs ever illustrated continues to grow and grow and grow!! It may literally be the largest single collection of Zombie Art, not just here on Zombie Daily, but anywhere in the world! Seriously, where would there be a larger collection of fully illustrated Zombie Art anywhere else? And why? I actually find it quite interesting that Zombie Daily may hold a world record or two, would there be a world record to hold in the specific category of ‘Most Zombie Art in One Place,’ or ‘Most Zombie Illustrations created by one Man!’ Maybe one day I’ll actually look into it!

The Crushed Cranium, ‘Head of the Living Dead’ gets us one more Zombie Illustration closer to having quite possibly, the largest series of Zombie Art in the World! It is no small feat to create this massive army of the Undead Heads! Each head is at least 5X7 inches in size and in full color, so even the lesser detailed ones take much time and effort top to bottom to finish..Now multiply that by the actual amount of heads done and you’ll realize the dedication to their creation!

Thank you for your fine Zombie Daily support everyone! Stop in again soon for more Zombie Art Madness! ‘Bye for now!