Are you ready for more New Zombie Art boys and Ghouls? Why of course you are! You wouldn’t be frequenting a place called Zombie Daily if you were looking for nicorns…Unless they were drawings of Zombie Unicorns…Of which there are actually a few here!

We’re back to the Heads of the Living Dead Zombie Art series and this time, we’re doing an image from the ‘Marvel Comics Characters’ sub set of that series, the beloved, and soon to be a movie, ‘Deadpool!’ Basically, Deadpool is the ‘Wolverine’ of the new generation, and since Wolverine is currently dead, except for ‘Old Man Logan’ and the ‘New (Female) Wolverine, also known as X-23, why not have ‘The Merc with the Mouth’ be a sufficient violent stand in character. Marvel comics is pretty much putting him in virtually every title, coming up with new Deadpool titles and doing a slew of ‘alternate covers’ featuring Deadpool…Pretty much the same strategy they used with Wolverine in the past. Well, I want to cash in on his popularity too! HA! No, I just want to include him as well as many other Marvel characters in the sub set as I can, and he just happens to be one of the surprisingly few that has a mask or unique enough look to be identified as the character by just looking at their head!

So there definitely will be more Marvel characters both heroes and villains as well as a bunch of DC Zombie Heads in their own sub set, both heroes and villains. As much as I love doing the sub set Zombie Art for the Heads of the Living Dead, i still do want to concentrate on the completely original, crazy ones too. If I ever ‘DO’ anything with all of the Heads, I wouldn’t be able to use the Marvel or DC subs because of copyright of course…For now they are just for fun!

Another day, another new piece of new Zombie Art! Thank you Zombie Nation, for stopping in to Zombie Daily once again! Your presence is always more than welcome and your reward for stopping in will always be more Zombie Art! Hope to see you all again soon! ‘Bye for now!