Greetings Zombie Art Lovers! Welcome to Zombie Daily, the one place in the known universe that posts new Zombie Art content every single day! Since its inception in 2008, Zombie Daily has posted over 2,500 pieces of Zombie Art of all kinds! Some of the Zombie Art posted here is from Zombie Related books I’ve illustrated, comic book covers, playing card decks, and many other projects, but most of the Zombie Art posted here is done specifically for this site! All of the art is done for you, the Zombie Fans, and is exclusive to Zombie Daily only! In fact, today’s new Zombie Art from the ‘Heads of the Living Dead’ series is over Eight Hundred images strong and only about twenty or so of the Zombie Head images from it have been posted elsewhere!

I’m very hard at work right now creating new future Zombie Art series images, and adding new images to existing series! The one thing that has been consuming a great deal of my art time right now has been the big illustration of the ‘Zombie Pinup Divas Playing Cards, ‘Card Back!’ It is an incredibly intricate, super detailed and very arduously designed image that I think you will all love! In fact, I’ll be posting it for all of you to see tomorrow! I hope that I can count on all of you awesome fans to help back the Kick Starter Campaign that will make this deck of cards a reality! Here once more is the direct link to the site to help fund! . Thank you all so much for your support! With so many new updates up on the campaign site now, you can really see the project taking shape!

Thank you all so much for stopping in to Zombie Daily today to see some fresh new Zombie Art Meat! As always Zombie Nation, I’ll be back soon with more so please feel free to stop in again! ‘Bye for now!